Bring Your Own Device: Should I Embrace or Avoid it?

Bring Your Own Device or BYOD has been a rapidly growing corporate trend, but it is also a common source of debate, with justifiable questions like “Is it safe enough?” “Do the benefits far outweigh the costs?” “How do you secure several personal devices?” and “Is it even right for a company to consider BYOD?” […]


The Basic Tools Home-Based and At-Home Workers Need for Their Business IT

The United Kingdom owes a huge chunk of its economy to small businesses. According to a report by the House of Commons under the Economic Policy and Statistics Section, of the almost 5 million businesses in the UK, 99% of them are considered as small and medium enterprises, and all together, they provide more than […]


How a Good Support Contract Allows a Business to Concentrate on Growth

A business is composed of many functions and components, and for you to achieve success and growth, all of them should be properly taken care of. Take, for example, IT. A company may have to spend up to 6% of their budget for IT, but most can only go for 5.2%, even lesser for small […]


Office 365 Licences Allow You to Install Office on Multiple Devices

There is a reason among many reasons Office 365 has become one of the most popular Microsoft products to date: you can install Office 365 on multiple devices. For the 9.2 million subscribers (and counting) around the world, they can access Microsoft productivity tools anytime anywhere with a reliable Internet connection. By design, Office 365 […]


How can financing help your small business?

The United Kingdom owes a huge part of its economy to small businesses. According to a 2014 report of the Federation of Small Businesses, small firms make up 99.3% of the enterprises in the private sector and employ 15.2 million people with a turnover of almost £200 trillion. But the downside is that only 50% […]


What small business owners need to know about investing in hosted services for their IT needs

Good news: more companies are now offering hosted services that include storage, productivity, content creation, and other types of software that will allow you to run the business the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. The bad news is that with so many choices, it is not impossible to pick hosted services or companies that […]

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