How a Good Support Contract Allows a Business to Concentrate on Growth

A business is composed of many functions and components, and for you to achieve success and growth, all of them should be properly taken care of. Take, for example, IT. A company may have to spend up to 6% of their budget for IT, but most can only go for 5.2%, even lesser for small businesses.

If you’re having a hard time building an in-house IT, consider managed services:

It allows small businesses to set up and maintain IT.

IT setup and operations are not cheap. Even Fortune 300 and 500 companies struggle with it. This component can eat up as much as 60% of the entire IT expense all around the world. Can you imagine what a huge financial burden it’s going to be for small- and home-based enterprises?

By opting for managed IT services, businesses may be able to reduce their IT infrastructure and operations by around 25%. These providers:

  • Have their own infrastructure so you don’t need to pay for them anymore
  • Take care of the operations and maintenance themselves
  • Train and hire IT staff so you are able to save more
  • Make IT costs more predictable so you know how much to set aside for IT

Managed services give you the flexibility and scalability.

Service providers and a good support contract can provide you with several packages you can choose from, depending on what you really need for the business and according to your budget. You are often charged per month and agree on a contract that can be as good as one to two years. Today, however, some can already offer subscription services, which may be cancelled at any time.

Their services are also scalable, and that’s very important for any business that’s growing. You want to make sure that you will still get a sufficient amount of technical support by then.

There are many ways on how contract support can do that, including increasing coverage or features of your plan.

IT service providers ensure security.

Businesses are among the most vulnerable sectors when it comes to security breaches. With the very high costs of operating and maintaining IT, many businesses decide to drastically reduce or even eliminate it altogether. But if you do this yourself, you’re putting your business in grave danger.

Take note that the cost of security breaches has gone up. Not only that, the same source illustrates that these security threats can:

  • Damage your reputation and brand by 29%
  • Reduce productivity by 21%
  • Cost 19% of lost revenue
  • Increase technical support by 10%

By making sure that you can afford IT, you have a much better chance to prevent, reduce, or eliminate security threats. You can get service providers who can:

  • Constantly and properly keep track of IT operations
  • Help you draft and even implement IT policies, especially if you’re deploying BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Update patches to fix security bugs and other issues
  • Make sure that you’re compliant with federal and state regulations
  • Install and monitor anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-virus software
  • Receive unlimited, regular, or even 24/7 helpdesk support

They make IT support easy, quick, and convenient.

Many IT service providers can already provide you with a convenient and quick support contract. You can contact them in many different ways such as e-mail and phone (including mobile). They can also send you regular reports to give you a better picture of your security vulnerabilities and the kind of support you have been receiving on their end.

Service providers can be there to support business functions and goals.

Security is essential for any business, not only because it protects your assets but it also makes your clients and customers feel more secure. Before your customers can trust you, they want assurance that you can guarantee their security—that is, the information you have provided will be kept safe.

Managed services can:

  • Provide business consultants that can help small, mid-sized, and upstarting companies with regard to IT deployment
  • Perform regular security reviews (which can be monthly, quarterly or annually)
  • Give recommendations on how to expand and maintain IT without spending too much costs
  • Improve your network’s efficiency

You can have access to professional, trained, and experienced IT.

Aside from the fact that managed services train their own staff, they also make sure that they hire experienced and professional ones. These are individuals who already have the needed certifications and education to ensure that they can do their job correctly and timely.