Support Services

Your critical business processes and the services you provide to your customer are dependent on the stability of your IT systems. With Intelligent Performance, we guarantee ‘peace-of-mind’ for your business.

Hardware Supply, Configuration & Support

Intelligent Performance makes use of its team’s knowledge and expertise to assist their clients in their business systems procurement process.
Hardware Supply
We make sure to make use of our knowledge and expertise to provide you with the specific hardware your business needs.
We’ll help and provide recommendations if there’s a need for configuration which we believe will help improve the productivity of your business.
Intelligent Performance is always onsite and offsite to provide support to all our customers.

Microsoft & Office 365

Office 365 brings you a familiar, consistent experience across your preferred devices making on-the-go document creation, review and collaboration easy, while keeping you in contact with your clients.

Manage your email, schedules, contacts, and to-do items. Outlook is the one place to go to communicate with all of your important contacts.


Create presentations that clearly make your point, in your own style Microsoft Outlook. The email tool to keep you connected and productive both internally and with external businesses

Create, organise and manage data in one easy to use application, share insights across your business

Easy reading and writing on all devices

Skype for Business
One application that provides messaging, audio and video calls coupled with online meetings and sharing capabilities. With integration into Calendar and Outlook, Skype for Business is a must have tool for business

Your own private messaging application. Message with your team, share information and organise communication around projects

One Note
Note taking made easier that are synced across all of your devices and can be shared across the organisation

One Drive
Access to all your work and files in one secure, reliable place, with 1TB of cloud storage per user

Organise and share ideas and work, manage information across people and projects

Your creative application to make you stand out.

Collaborate more effectively with a shared inbox, calendar, document library and yammer feed

Capture and share videos across the business from any device

A similar look and feel with integration with Office 365, OneDrive and Sharepoint

Hybrid Environments

Do you have applications and services that are preventing you to move to the Cloud?
Not all systems and applications can be move easily.
We have experience in creating hybrid environment to meet your needs.

Systems Review

Our experienced engineers will review your infrastructure to determine your network’s load capability.

Hybrid Environment Plan

We can quickly set up development, test and production environments.

Connection & Migration

We can help you safely move all of your essential apps and systems to the cloud.

Cloud Services

We have experience in working across a vast range of business services. Whether you are looking to move to the Cloud or need advice on Cloud management, give us a call, see what we can do for you
Human Resource Management (HRM)

HR systems, Learning, Knowledge and Collaboration, Learning, Recruitment, Benefits

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Leads, Sales Pipeline, Companies & Contact, Conversations, Marketing

Financial Management (FM)

General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Cash Flow, VAT, stock and sales

Company Core Services

Email, Calendar, File Management, Business Continuity Planning, Collaboration, Security

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Order Flow, Procurement, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Logistics

Remote Connectivity

Home working, Mobile computing, BYOD, Security, Collaboration

Mobile Computing

Are The Apps Used In Your Network Safe?

With an average of 25% of employees using their own apps to fill the gaps not provided by the IT department, there is an increasing requirement to ensure that the apps being used to access company information has passed internal security and compliance tests.

A Continued Growth Of Mobile Devices In The Workplace

There are number of mobile devices in the workplace is expected to reach 1.6 billion in 2016 (as estimated by Cisco VNI mobile forecast). With many employees preferring to use their own personal device, with the range of different makes and mobile operating systems now being used, it can be a hard process to manage employee requests for access to systems while still maintaining business security.

Staying On Top Of Mobile Challenges

Evaluating and sourcing the correct apps that meet both the security and business requirements can be an onerous task on already stretched IT departments and management teams. Intelligent Performance work with clients to ensure that the services, apps and devices meet the requirements of the modern day business.

Website & Application Development

Due to an increase in demand we decided to increase our web and development capabilities. We have always made the commitment to our clients that we will support them as they grow and will remain a trusted business and service partner.

We saw a need to meet the varied requests that are generated by our small to medium businesses with regards to their online requirements.

Our Team Have Experience In The Following Areas:

Web Development

Whether it is managing your existing website, redesigning your web presence.

  • Managing and supporting your exising websites
  • Optimisation of your website (SEO and mobile requirements etc.)
  • Redesigning and modernising existing your web presence
  • Integrating your web into your internal systems
  • Designing a new website and web presence

Application development

We have conducted bespoke development for clients, providing turnkey applications that have been specifically tuned for unique business requirements.

If you have always wanted to connect applications and software, but have not known who to contact, let us know and we will let you know how it can be achieved.

Digital Marketing and SEO services

As with all new sites, one of the immediate challenges is how to keep them current, updated with news and relevant information and of course on the first page of Google. Our digital marketing team can help in all of these areas and more.

  • Want to increase the sales aproach through digital marketing?
  • How about building a landing page, custom email to drive visitors to that page? Want to know how successful the campaign is/was? Our digital marketing team provide a detailed breakdown of all activities and actions across both the email and landing pages.

Search Marketing services

At Intelligent Performance, we steer away from the term SEO as this highlight just one aspect of the Search Marketing requirement. We offer a full S3 service package which includes:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Management

With this service package, we work closely with you to drive the right clients to your website, ensuring that the website meets current SEO requirements and has been optimised accordingly.

This service would of course not be complete without a team of copywriters who write, blog posts, internet articles, case studies and even ebooks to ensure that your business is marketed correctly and consistently throughout the internet.

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